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carpet cleaning
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carpet cleaning
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Carpet Cleaning Bellmore NY

Carpet cleaning is a recommended home maintenance service which, according to the EPA, should be performed professionally twice a year. While the most visible consequence of carpet cleaning is obviously a newly brightened and freshly cleaned carpet, we at Carpet Cleaning Bellmore NY separate ourselves form the rest because we put more of an emphasis on the health benefits to carpet cleaning.

Got allergies?

For example, did you know that the denser a living space is the more often you should clean your carpets? Bellmore, NY has a population density percentage higher than the rest of New York State at 6500 people per square mile. This means that for the average carpet, the amount of traffic a particular carpet receives is more than the designated amount. This, in addition to uncertain weather conditions, make regular and professional carpet cleaning of particular importance.

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Everyone benefits

No allergy sufferer should suffer inside their own home. For allergy sufferers, professional carpet cleaning can offer immediate relief to congestion, headaches, and respiratory problems. While allergens and allergic bacteria are formed outdoors, they are easily and naturally transported inside. When indoors, these pathogens find comfort in your carpet fibers and in your upholstery and furniture as well. Vacuuming can extract a portion of these pathogens, but the only way to truly uproot them and get rid of them for good is by having your carpets steam cleaned. The nature of the steam in combination with a specialized chemical free cleaning solution actually detaches allergens from your carpet, while the industrial strength vacuum sucks them out for good. Your upholstery and furniture can also harbor tiny harmful micro organisms. Our technicians are equipped with tools designed to clean sensitive material, like silk and leather, as well as reach small corners and awkward spots in your furniture.

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We clean with green

We have adopted an environmentally friendly policy for our services and products. While some services, such as very deep stain removal, might require a chemical agent, we do our best to minimize their use. For more information about our green products, please contact our customer service representatives.

We know you have lots of options when it comes to carpet cleaners, that is why we are happy to provide you with a free over the phone price estimate. Visit our website or call us today!

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